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Kukdong is the most
Dynamic and Hard Working
반세기 섬유의 저력에서 바이오까지 새로운 가치를 만들어 내겠습니다.
Review the old and learn the new: With the foundation built by a half-century's worth of knit industry experience,
we enter the Bio Industry to add new value to our enterprise.
CI 소개
▪ Design Concept
로고는 Thread(원사, 실)을 국동의 영문 서체에 담아 변화에 유연(Soft)하며 능동적인(Active)인 모습으로 표현하였습니다. 로고를 통해 이야기(Story)을 담을 수 있어 다채롭게 국동의 과거(Past), 현재(Present), 미래(Future)를 이야기 할 수 있습니다.
A modern logo was created to celebrate Kukdong’s 50 years in business. The new logo design is a fluid, cursive Thread with untethered ends in an English font. The premier label represents the past, present and future.
▪ Primary Logo
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▪ Logo Variation_ A Type
▪ Logo Variation_ B Type
▪ Color System
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▪ Font System
국동의 모든 한글, 영어 서체는 온, 오프라인 프로버전인 나눔스퀘어 서체를 기본으로 합니다.
Kukdong's Korean and English fonts are based on the Sharing Square font for the online and offline programs. Depending on the situation, the thickness of the font is mixed with the four basic thicknesses of LIGHT / REGULARBOLD / EXTRABOLD.