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Kukdong is the most
Dynamic and Hard Working
만드는 사람도 행복하게,
만드는 과정까지 올바르게 국동은 바람직한 옷을 만듭니다.
Kukdong believes the best garments are made when the worker is happy
and the process is honest.

사회공헌, ♥ Knit & Heart
국동은 해외법인이 진출해 있는 해당 국가와 지역사회의 사회적 규범을 따르며 오랜 가치를 존중합니다. 앞으로도 지역사회와 기쁨을 함께 하고 슬픔은 나누면서 진정한 지역사회의 일원이 되고자 노력할 것이며 현지 직원들이 국동와 함께 성장하고 그 가족들과 더 나은 미래를 맞이할 수 있도록 지원과 격려를 계속 이어나갈 것입니다.
Social contribution, Knit & Heart
As an active member of the community, Kukdong will make the world a better place. Kukdong will respect the long-standing values of the local communities in which our overseas subsidiaries are located and we will strengthen and develop our relations with the community and its people.
Kukdong will volunteer at various activities throughout the community.
Kukdong will donate a designated portion of corporate profits to local charities, special interest groups, and other funds as the need arises.
Affiliation / Sponsorship
Kukdong will continue to support our association with community welfare organizations and families in need.
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